Il-Kafe’ tal-Kursari


Coffee Inspired by History!

Il-Kafe’ tal-Kursari – Coffee, Cinnamon & Cloves Blend

Blended from ingredients found listed at the Notarial Archives aboard a Maltese Corsair ship of 1777. Brewed to perfection to revive the spirits of the Maltese Corsairs.


Arabica Coffee (86.5%), Cinnamon, Cloves.

Source of Coffee Beans: Brazil. Coffee beans roasted in Malta by Lot 61.

Origin: Malta

Enjoy the taste and aroma of this speciality ground Arabica coffee blend by brewing using your favourite method for a perfect espresso, inspired by Malta’s history. Use any coffee method such as Mocha, French Press or an Espresso machine.

Proudly crafted in Malta!

Il-Kursari – the Maltese Corsairs
Known as the seadogs of the Mediterranean, Maltese Corsairs ruled the waves for centuries.Corsairs made a living by stealing at gunpoint saffron, coffee, rice, cinnamon, nutmeg and wheat. Maltese Maritime Law gave the Maltese Corsairs an opportunity to steal and then sell to Europe the most sought after of spices. Making many a Captain rich. A document found at the Notarial Archives dated 1777, describes how Captain Leopoldo Desira spotted a suspicious ship and immediately despatched his lieutenant, Giuseppe Estaden, in the brigantine’s felucca to carry out an inspection. Estaden quickly boarded the ship, which turned out to be a Greek vessel, unopposed, and he decided that, although the ship and crew were Greek, the cargo was Ottoman, and therefore a legitimate prize.Although Greek Orthodox subjects of the Ottoman Empire could not be harassed, if the cargo they carried belonged to Muslims,it constituted a lawful prize.While inspecting crew and passengers, Estaden’s eyes fell on a priest called Ignazio. For some unknown reason, Estaden came to the conclusion that the priest was hiding something, and so he ordered that the priest and his trunk, together with the Greek captain, be accompanied to Captain Desira for interrogation.On hearing Estaden accuse him in Desira’s presence of hiding Turkish money, the priest immediately rejected these claims,and began waving a safe-conduct certificate in Estaden’s face.In principle, such a certificate meant that the priest could not be searched or molested but this did not prevent Estaden from grabbing the document and tearing it to pieces. To the amazement of the crew, Estaden even punched the Catholic priest about three or four times until the latter fell to the deck unconscious.Then, to everyone’s surprise, from beneath the priest’s black robe,a pouch full of coins fell out onto the deck, confirming Estaden’s suspicions. In the meantime, the priest still lay unconscious, as the ship’s cook tried to revive him with coffee infused with spices found aboard. This coffee is inspired from spices and coffee found aboard Corsair ships in Malta in the 18th Century.



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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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